Tennis en Golf

Effortless Tennis with Bronwyn Fewster

“I have used numerous methods for off court training. If I had to choose the most effective, it would be The Feldenkrais Method applied to tennis.....

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Tennis Everyone! by Gil Kelly

How would you like to become incredibly coordinated in all movement essential to playing winning tennis? What if you never tightened up on your strokes or felt it hard to bend your knees for those low shots? How about being able to consistently get the power of your whole body into every shot?

Well don’t get too excited, because achieving that level of skill obviously takes time. It takes practice and dedication and love of the game. And some players may never attain it. However, if you’d like to have skills like these, read on! The Feldenkrais Method® contains excellent strategies for moving you in the direction of playing your best tennis.....

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