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Worst Ice Skater Ever?

The Feldenkrais Method for "Silent Sports" by Ruth Jaeger

I doubt if I’m alone in my frustration as I read about involved, time consuming training programs on how to succeed in citizen ski racing, ultramarathon, bicycling, paddling, sailboat racing, etc. For those of us who are passionate about a different recreational pursuit for each season, those time, money and energy consuming approaches leave us wondering how we can hope to improve in anything when we love it all!

Articles about sports performance frequently mention the importance of technique but fail to give direction on how to achieve this often elusive efficiency. Is it acquired only through repetitive practice? How can we know if we are practicing well or practicing mistakes when we are often out on the rivers, roads, and trails alone?

There is a way. The Feldenkrais Method® for improving mind/body awareness can provide recreational sports addicts with adequate skills to feel good and have fun while participating in many activities. The Feldenkrais Method is

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