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Five Running Form Tips You've Never Heard Before

Moshe's Healing Touch

from Runner's World by Bruce Holmes

It seems these days I relate everything to the running. Much of what I experience seems to flow from or relate back to it. It was the running that created my fascination with the writings of Moshe Feldenkrais, and the running added a further concern.

The technical term for my problem is chondromalacia of the knee, which simply means softness or deterioration of the cartilage. Unfortunately, giving something a name doesn’t necessarily help one deal with the situation. Whenever I got over 50 miles a week my knees would fall apart on me. I can remember occasions when I could hardly walk.

I went to the medical community for help. You know, a podiatrist, who sent me to an orthopedist, who sent me to a physical therapist… The people in the know were of the following learned opinion: I was suffering from that dreaded condition: “floating kneecap.” At some point in the future orthotics would probably be helpful, buy my most pressing need was quadriceps exercises. And if they didn’t do the job, well, there was this simple operation which they evidently do all the time.

The quadriceps exercises resulted in some very strong quadriceps, almost wrecked my back and didn’t do a thing for my running. (See note at end.) In fact, things were getting worse. The condition started cropping up at ever-lower mileages. On a couple of occasions I noticed a soft, furtive voice whispering sweetly in my ear, “Look, you’ve got hospitalization insurance. An operation wouldn’t cost a thing. You’d only be on your back a few days. They do it all the time. Your worries would be over.” But the operation never happened, and therein lies a tale........

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Fitness, Excercise and the Feldenkrais Method 

by Stephan Shafarman

Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais had strong opinions about exercise, and would surely condemn current conventional practices.

Moshe’s final visit to the United States was in 1981. I was his assistant that summer, and with him at his last public workshop, Labor Day weekend in Washington, DC. Jogging was very popular at the time, and as we drove through Rock Creek Park each morning we saw hundreds of joggers. “They think they’re doing themselves some good,” Moshe remarked. With his nose pressed against the car window, he described...

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