Mindful Movement- the evolution of the somatic Arts and concious Action

Martha Eddy

Voor de liefhebber die wil duiken in de oorsprong, geschiedenis en huidige ontwikkeling van “somatic education”.  Feldenkrais wordt genoemd als een van de grondleggers, naast Alexander techniek/ Bartenieff fundamentals of movement (and  Laban movement Analysis) / Eutony van Gerda Alexander/ ideokinesis van Mabel Todd/ sensory awareness/  van Charlotte Selver/ Structural Integration van Ida Rolf/ Milton Trager

In Mindful Movement, exercise physiologist, somatic therapist, dance educator and advocate Martha Eddy uses original interviews, case studies and practice-led research to define the origins of a new holistic field – somatic movement education and therapy­ – and its impact on fitness, ecology, politics, health, education and performance. The book reveals the role dance has played in informing and inspiring the historical and cultural narrative of somatic arts – approaches to consciousness based in the awareness of the soma, the living body. Providing an overview of the antecedents and recent advances in somatic study and with contributions by diverse experts, Eddy highlights the role of Asian movement, the European physical culture movement as well as the language of neuroscience and their relationship to the performing arts, and female perspectives in developing somatic movement, somatic dance, social somatics, somatic fitness, somatic dance and spirituality, and ecosomatics. Mindful Movement unpacks and helps to popularize awareness of both the body and the mind. In 1970 Thomas Hanna coined the word we now use to name these integrative approaches.