Workshop door Arlyn Zones: FINDING A BASIS FOR SUPPORT

Arlyn Zones en Thomas Farnbacher geven deze 3-daagse workshop in De Ruimte, Weesperzijde 79a te Amsterdam.

Tijden op vrijdag 15 juni en zaterdag 16 juni: 10-17u; op zondag 17 juni van 10-16.30u.

De kosten voor deze 3-daagse Advanced Training:  300€. Voor meer informatie en opgave neem je contact op met Arlyn:


FINDING A BASIS FOR SUPPORT, taught by Arlyn Zones and Thomas Farnbacher

Dates: June 15-17, 2018

Location: De Ruimte, Weesperzijde 79a in Amsterdam

Time:  10-5pm Friday and Saturday and 10-4:30pm Sunday 



In this 3 day Advanced Training we will explore:

*How do we or our students find our basis for support or lose it?

*What can we detect in the beginning in standing that can give a clue to the entire pattern of a person's organization.

*What are some of the blind spots in a person's self image that impacts their ability to feel skeletal support?

*How as practitioners do we find support and better self use so that we can take out students through larger, more dynamic movements in Functional Integration lessons.

*How can we have more of the entire skeleton in our hands through any point of access.

*How can organize ourself to better enter the core of the person we are working with.

There will be 2 ATM's a day and F.I. practice which relates to the ATM. Arlyn will teach more than half the workshop and Thomas the remainder.  Expect a few Surprises.....


Arlyn is a graduate from the Amherst Training and has been teaching in the Amsterdam trainings since 1999 nearly every year.  She studied Theatre and Movement for Actors prior to her training in the Feldenkrais Method.  She has over 30 years experience in private practice and has taught in over 100 trainings worldwide.  

Thomas graduated from the Vienna Training with Dennis Leri and Carl Ginsburg.  He teaches as a Trainer in various trainings all over Europe. He studied many different forms of Martial Arts and dance.  Currently he practices Chinese and Russian Martial Arts.  He is a JKA graduate.

Both Arlyn and Thomas have worked extensively with children which is a great training ground to learn to think in very dynamic patterns of action.