Laatste kans voor inschrijving!! Masterful Moves advanced training alleen voor practioners


        Save and improve spine, hip joints, knees, and ankles    

                   using DellaGrotte’s ‘Five Rings’ Approach

€ 80,- inclusief de opnames

       with Josef DellaGrotte, Core Movement Integration founder, Feldenkrais practitioner/trainer; and Arthur Madore, LMT, CFP-Feldenkrais & CMI trainer


 “I took a few hours to do and repeat the first lesson from your Joints & Tissues course. Very interesting. I hope that all these movement patterns contribute to the somatic ‘intelligence’ that my right hip needs to carry on… a replacement was even scheduled, and now  cancelled. Thank you for these unique movements. I was able to even sleep much better… The lifting and the differences between left and right were the most remarkable… And now I am experiencing moments without any pain! I hope I found the clues.”

      Nicoline van der Pas, Physical therapist and Feldenkrais Practitioner,Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Josef will teach selected ATM /FI & Core Movement Integration movement lessons in sitting, standing, supine and side-lying. ] This will be an in-person class for qualified  practitioners with a simultaneous online ‘zoom’  participation for qualified distant Feldenkrais Practitioners-limited to the movement lessons, demos, and practice on line]. 

  • tracking the pathway points of connection, applying self hands-on myofascial tracking
  • breathing in sync
  • tracking and registering the sensory-emotive components and effects

Arthur will guide participants in hands-on work to deepen their understanding of Pathway movements. Participants will work on themselves, or with a partner.


Option A: On-line participants practice movements & self- touch in a breakout room with Josef

Option B: On-line participants practice hands-on lessons on yourself and with a practice partner that you provide. Led by Arthur Madore.

Kosten € 80,-

Information & Registration: You will find all of the information at this webpage:

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These manuals on the 6 Pathways, enhanced by ‘access points’, are the best  fundamental for  getting the most benefit from the online seminar, [ pdf versions on:]