Impulse, a workshop with Samuel Letellier and Arjan Bouw

a workshop with Samuel Letellier (Feldenkrais) and Arjan Bouw (Open Floor)

Two teachers and artists who collaborate with all their inspiration and tools to investigate movement that can bring us back ease by letting the dance unfold from our spontaneous self.

With Feldenkrais, the approach and exploration is to quieten our moving selves and identify and learn about your patterns with subtle and very specific movements. In this way, we amplify our awareness, thereby noticing how we habitually move, think and feel, bringing this into the realm of the conscious. With this awareness comes dignity and more possibilities in the moment to make choices.

Open Floor is a resource based movement practice. We explore new ways of moving and responding to what is happening with intention and purpose. The more we embody different responses in our movements, the more resources we can call on to move through life with flexibility, resilience and ease.

If we follow our impulse, if we allow ourselves to be spontaneous, life can be pretty unpredictable. Sometimes that’s fun, other times it’s scary. If we skip the fear we might skip the fun as well.

In this workshop we create a safe enough container to allow these impulses to move us again. If we align ourselves with our desires our whole body will respond to our intention and find ways to move more organically. How do we organize ourselves so our whole movement supports our intention? We intent to create a field of curiosity, an open awareness and self-care, where all the information coming towards us is a invitation to make changes towards inner transformation. We find ways to base our whole self image on action rather on old believes and ideas.

Willingness to move and a minimal level of playfulness is required.

Cost: €225 applied before August 10, after €250
to apply pay a deposit of €50

Location: campground Oostermaet. You sleep in your own tent or bus. There is delicious vegetarian food and a mobile sauna.
It is near Deventer, The Netherlands, 1,5 hour by train from Schiphol, if you want we can pick you up from Deventer train station.

Application and information:



september 10 @ 18:00 


september 12 @ 17:00