Flexible minds - Feldenkrais (intro) workshop van de nieuwe opleiding in Amsterdam AIFTTVI

14 Mei Workshop: Flexible Minds door Caro van Iersel

Op 14 mei geeft Caro van Iersel een dagworkshop over Feldenkrais in Amsterdam. Deze workshop is enerzijds een introductie voor de Feldenkraisopleiding die in februari 2023 begint, en tegelijkertijd een heel geschikte workshop voor iedereen die nog niet zo bekend is met de methode en er direct diep in wil duiken.

Hieronder een beschrijving van de workshop, meer informatie vind je hier

Flexible Minds

“I am not seeking to develop flexible bodies, but flexible minds,

I am interested in the re-establishment of our human dignity”    

Moshe Feldenkrais

The Feldenkrais Method invites us on an internal journey to rediscover our balance, flexibility and coordination. We are guided through a series of gentle and often unusual movements, paying attention to how we move. Observing and listening, we can obtain a more accurate image of ourself, become aware of our habitual patterns and experience new possibilities. Thus we can begin to approach our actual potential. In this process of somatic education our movements tend to become more efficient, easier, and lighter.

Now, when we listen and observe this way, when we alter some of our habitual patterns and change how we move, what happens in our nervous system? How does moving our body change our mind?

This workshop, taught by Caro van Iersel, member of the educational team of the Amsterdam training, invites you to:

– Move with comfort and ease

– Enjoy exploring curious movements and how you approach them

– Explore the ways you work with yourself (within the privacy of your mat)

– Experience a taste of the Amsterdam Feldenkrais Training

– Learn more about the training