Move better, Feel better: 48 gratis Awareness Through Movement lessen op 1 en 2 mei 2022. Registreer je via deze site Feldenkraissummit.com

Mooi stukje van de organisator Cynthia Allen:

We all have pain from time to time. Well actually, we likely all have pain every day. But it is fleeting and mostly of no concern.

Some of us have had an injury or strain that lasted a few weeks but is a distant thing of the past.

Others are struggling today and have been for a while with something that is almost an accepted part of our lives. We would like to have less pain but we don't see a way out.

The Feldenkrais Method® isn't a magic pill but it can be a magic reboot. You know when your computer freezes and you can't really get it to do what you want it to do? Sometimes you have to reset its memory and give it a rest by turning it off and back on.

To me, the Feldenkrais Method is a little bit like that. The movements and the sensations first distract the brain from producing pain in a non-stop way. Then it begins to help you find new pathways for moving that gradually stop perpetuating the ongoing strain.

If you haven't signed up for the upcoming Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® opportunity, why not?

Don't pass that question by. It's important.

Why not give your system a reset? There is no charge to explore during the 48 hours. There are wonderful beginner lessons. There are wonderful lessons that can improve just about every daily function. And lessons that work with every part of the body.

Replays will also be available for a few days so you can find time in your schedule to give yourself the help you deserve. 

Don't stay alone in your pain. Join us. Together let's start finding a way out.