The Feldenkrais Awareness Summit 2020

Move Better, Feel Better
is coming to your home May 1-May 10!

In the last two years the summits reached thousands and thousands of people in 60 different countries. As a result, the method has been presented at national medical and research conferences; speakers have been invited to participate in other summits.

This year’s Move Better, Feel Better conference is designed for the person off the street who wants to improve the activities of daily living and fitness. The talks, panels, and twice daily Awareness Through Movement
® lessons will all help to do just that...and you won’t want to miss it.

Not only does this virtual conference include incredibly diverse topics.
It's free for the first 48 hours after each talk.

And if you are worried you will miss some of it? There will be an option to upgrade for an All Access Pass if you want to listen to all 57 presentations at your leisure in the weeks or months to come.*

By upgrading you will also get a bunch of free materials to explore (over $400.00 worth)

Just click here to register