Advanced Training / Workshop door Eytan Mandel


Meta -messages – in ATM & in F.I

Maar om 10 uur op zaterdag en zondag een ATM-les door de meester voor IEDEREEN!

What can we learn from Moshe's remarks during ATM and how important is the verbal accurate information flow between the teacher and the pupil/class.

The pupil, both in ATM and in FI, often need information about the lesson(meta-messages). Continuation or a new aspect? What is the context? The importance for further development and progress. Information of this kind is more easily done verbally than in any other way. But , since sensory insights are the decisive ones, it is good to postpone these verbal messages after the sensory insights have taken place.

Yochanan Rywerant -The Feldenkrais Method-teaching by handling.

Where?    "Praktijk Lijnbaansgracht" Lijnbaansgracht 67-68, 1015 GW Amsterdam, tel: 020 330 44 33

The cost: € 220. In advance € 50 by bank transfer (€ 110 per day #One day participation in the Advanced is possible), private FI is possible: € 90.

The Morning ATMs @10:00 AM are open to ALL; friends, family, students for only € 25!!!

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